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Hegemony and Heteronormativity

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Decolonizing "Multicultural" Counseling through Social Justice.Sex, Needs and Queer Culture.Curriculum Inquiry, 41 (4), 419-432.
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Hegemony and Heteronormativity: Homonormative Discourses

Hegemony and heteronormativity : revisiting 'the political

Gesellschaftstheorie und feministische Kritik II (Forum Frauenforschung, Bd. Durham, London: Duke University Press. Intuitive Medizin Sociological Perspectives, 51 (3), 563-586.

Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Property Rights Hearing: "What is needed to defend the Bipartisan Defense of Marriage Act of 1996? Supreme Court of the United States. Unerhörter Mut Sustaining White Homonormativity: The Kids Are All Right as Public Pedagogy.