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A History of American Literature

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Other political writers of the period included Edwin Markham and William Vaughn Moody.The New York Times.
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A History of American Literature by Richard J. Gray

Periods of American Literature | Britannica

The great Hindu epics were also transmitted orally, likely predating the Maurya period. Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893) and The Red Badge of Courage (1895), by Stephen Crane, and McTeague (1899), The Octopus (1901), and The Pit (1903), by Frank Norris, are novels that vividly depict the reality of urban life, war, and capitalism.The problems of creating a uniform global history of literature are compounded by the fact that many texts have been lost over the millennia, either deliberately, by accident, or by the total disappearance of the originating culture. Im Liegen gehts! Between Victorianism and Modernism.