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Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square

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384 pages
Three months in London as a policeman, and he has had not a hint of adventure.A unique beginning to a new series.Campbell Lawless is a wanna be ANYTHING than what he sees himself: a son who let down his father.
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Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square: Sutton, William

Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square (Lawless 1): Amazon

I do get what the author was trying to do. The characters, as well as the setting, were a key strength of this book. Storm for the Living and the Dead Novice detective, Campbell Lawless, stumbles onto the trail of Berwick Skelton, an elusive revolutionary, threatening to bring the city to its knees with devilish acts of terror.

Karl Marx even makes a cameo, much to my amusement. I loved the librarian.... Die Wende Through dogged persistence and some wrong decisions, Lawless continues to investigate on his own, finding there is corruption and cover-up in the various levels of society, even the ones he is a part of.

Not only do famous people make appearances and take part in the story, but famous events and inventions do too. This was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire. Mittelalter I fell in love with subterranean London.