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Depression in Neurologic Disorders

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Weisbrot, and Alan B.Mood changes after surgery for tumors of the cerebral cortex.Vascular dementia results from multiple strokes or ischemic injury to the white matter of the hemispheres.
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Depression in Neurologic Disorders: Diagnosis and

Depressive Syndromes in Neurological Disorders

Patients with cortical Lewy bodies may also have Alzheimer-type neuritic plaques.Cranial nerve palsies and optic nerve inflammation are characteristic of the disorder, and alterations in affect, cognition, and mood are common. Stroke patients have a profile of mood changes very similar to those with idiopathic late-onset depressive disorders. Herr Adamson Clinicians may not have the necessary skills to assess and treat depression adequately in this patient group.

The evidence for the treatment of depression in neurological disease is scant, and often the treatment advice is based on consensus views of clinicians.Depression severity correlates with the proximity of the lesion to the anterior pole of the left hemisphere, and preexisting cerebral atrophy increases the likelihood of developing poststroke depression. Detection and treatment of depression in neurological disorders. Leap to Wholeness In those with depressive pseudodementia, the mood changes and complaints of memory impairment will improve with appropriate treatment.