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Less Than Zero

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But in the end, final analysis, I think it was more zeitgeist than literature.I had a hard time deciding whether to read Less than Zero.
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After suffering through a night of withdrawal and hiding from Rip, Julian decides to quit and begs his father ( Nicholas Pryor) to help him.I thought that worked. I would not recommend this to anyone who is already depressed. Der Teufel ist auch nur ein Mensch! / Und Gott sprach Bd.2 When he asks "what for?

I love books with truly despicable characters (The Catcher in the Rye is my boi), so I had no issue with Clay or his spoilt, rich friends.There were very few redeeming qualities, and I am ready to die on this hill. Well, if the dream architects from Inception wanted to recreate 1980s Los Angeles they would need a copy of Less Than Zero to use as a reference guide. Rosmarie Weichsler und das Echo von Steyr Downey gives a performance that is desperately moving, with the kind of emotion that comes as a real surprise in these surroundings.