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Nothing Like It In the World

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By no means was anything, much less everything, settled, even though in 1856 both political parties had advocated the transcontinental railroad in resolutions.Rather than be a historian, Ambrose is a cheerleader for men who swindled workers, contractors, and the government for what he considers a greater purpose (namely the railroad) but I consider a horrible purpose--their pocketbook.Certainly he knew that they were the first Americans to cross the continent, east to west, and that they had reported there was no all-water route.
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Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the

Nothing like it in the world : Ambrose, Stephen E. : Free

Ambrose writes with power and eloquence about the brave men -- the famous and the unheralded, ordinary men doing the extraordinary -- who accomplished the spectacular feat that made the continent into a nation. They travel far and carry people and goods for countless other people. Die letzten Zeugen Poor, editor of the American Railroad Journal, wrote a year before the Lincoln-Dodge meeting, "In a railroad to the Pacific He wrote his father, "Oh, that you could come out and overtake me on the prairies of Iowa, look at the country and see how we live.But without railroads or rivers there was no way to move The wooden bridge and wooden trestle were invented by Leonardo da Vinci in the sixteenth century and put to use for railways by American engineers beginning in 1840.