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Debriefing the President

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Nixon was one of the first of many agents of the CIA to debrief Saddam and although the man was a monster he also comes across as intelligent and articulate who was also proud of his country.This was seen by the author through the sudden lack of interest in the direct intelligence briefings and meetings on Iraq.This was not what our young men and women were dying for.
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Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam

Debriefing the President by John Nixon: 9780399575839

The author was one of the people assigned to debrief Saddam Hussein after his capture. They made it much less safe.Prior to the examination of Saddam Hussein by CIA debriefers, the only head of state detained and questioned by US government officials, outside a court, was Admiral Karl Doenitz who Hitler appointed head of the Third Reich after he committed suicide and Manuel Noriega, the Panamaian President in 1989. Oral Poetics and Cognitive Science Bush, Obama, and Biden fall into that category, but Nixon opines that unlike Bush, Obama took a studied, reasoned approached to information provided by CIA analysts, but that the issue of Iraq seemed to have not been an interest of the President.The CIA has a public reputation as a highly sophisticated (and nefarious) organization, but from his telling it functions just like any other dysfunctional bureaucracy.

For me, the final pillar justifying Operation Iraqi Freedom had collapsed. Saddam was not a likable guy.Others are doomed by the C. The War of the Running Dogs Nonetheless, Bush, Cheney, and the foreign policy people at the White House continued to exist that they were there, hidden in Iraq even after it became clear there were no WMDs to be found.Finally, there never where any Weapons of Mass Destruction or connections to Al-Queda.