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Forgotten Battles of the Zulu War

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Chelmsford was not open to negotiations, as he wished to restore his reputation before Wolseley relieved him of command, and he proceeded to the royal kraal of Ulundi, intending to defeat the main Zulu army.This fresh angle on a dramatic period of our Imperial history from such an authority on an ever popular war will fascinate both experts and laymen alike.
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forgotten battles of the zulu war

There was no casualty count of the Zulu losses by the British such as made in many of the other battles since they abandoned the field. The defeat of the Zulu Army at Ulundi was the culmination of the war and the author reveals new and shocking details about this battle.Despite local numerical superiority, the Zulus did not have the manpower, technological resources, or logistical capacity to match the British in another, more extended, campaign. Internationale Photographie Art Bridge Europa /USA Following the conclusion of the Anglo-Zulu War, Bishop Colenso interceded on behalf of Cetshwayo with the British government and succeeded in getting him released from Robben Island and returned to Zululand in 1883.The remaining 20,000 Zulus camped at the isiPhezi ikhanda.