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Constantinople AD 717-18

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Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies.Yardley, Pennsylvania: Westholme Publishing.
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Constantinople AD 717-18: The Crucible of History Campaign

Constantinople AD 717-18 : Si Sheppard : 9781472836922

It details the forces available to each side, with their respective advantages and vulnerabilities, evaluating the leadership qualities of the rival commanders and assessing their strategic and tactical initiatives.What would the future course of world history have been? New York: Da Capo Press. Ich und mein anderes Leben Byzantium in the Seventh Century: The Transformation of a Culture.But all this was only a prelude to the massive combined-arms invasion force that advanced on the capital in 717.

Die byzantinische Reaktion auf die Ausbreitung der Araber.And he even agreed to let Leo send men out to to gather some of the food first, to distribute in the city. As historian Bernard Lewis commented, "Its failure brought a grave moment for Umayyad power. Gezähmt und ungezähmt I found his fairly nuanced profile of Leo and his political manueverings impactful.In this incessant border warfare, frontier towns and fortresses changed hands frequently, but the general outline of the border remained unaltered for over two centuries, until the Byzantine conquests of the 10th century.