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End of History and the Last Man

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He was positing that that there would be no "higher stage of development" which would follow capitalism and liberal democracy.I took it initially to be a sign of incomprehension but later figured it out to be one of weariness.
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The End of History and the Last Man - Francis Fukuyama

The End of History and the Last Man: Amazon.de: Fukuyama

The argument is that civilization progresses in such a way that it never goes full circle or has to start anew. Or they simply start history anew and revert to clashes of recognition that characterized past eras, only this time with the destructive tools of modern technology.Also, this is largely theory and will require some concentration to read but its not too tough! Eat Yourself Pregnant According to Fukuyama, we reach the end of history when we achieve the liberal-capitalist democratic form of government.