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The Story of Interscope Records

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The Story of Interscope Records eBook por Diane Bailey

Retrieved May 19, 2020.In 1982 he started his film company, but by 1990 he was ready to branch out. The Wall Street Journal. Statische Beurteilung historischer Tragwerke Over dinner, Iovine chats with Mel Lewinter, vice chairman and chief operating officer of the Universal Music Group.

It turns out, the things that have made MCA what it is today have been the incredibly stupid decisions of Time Warner.Today, Interscope is a multimillion-dollar company that handles all kinds of music. Retrieved September 23, 2015. Kombucha - Das Teepilz-Getränk Cole "Revenge of the Dreamers" Mixtape, Announces Dreamville-Interscope Partnership".