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Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah

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Alvandi has conducted extensive research in an impressive collection of U.It will be nearly impossible for any reader to assert who had used who in this relation, as both sides gained what they aimed at securing.
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Book Review: Nixon, Kissinger and the Shah: The United

This argument, however, fell on deaf ears until Richard Nixon became president. It was also Kissinger who successfully urged the Carter administration to grant the Shah asylum in the United States, which hastened the deterioration of relations between Tehran and Washington, precipitating the embassy hostage crisis.In 1975, Kissinger vigorously pushed for its full, formal restoration, even as he was offering his tacit approval to Maoist China to back Pakistan whose leaders had their own reasons for wanting to destabilize Afghanistan, having to do with border disputes and the ongoing rivalry with India. Geschichte Ägyptens The same waterway would be invoked by Iraq prior to the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War.