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It would be easy "to retire gracefully", he told colleagues, but the international situation was too grave.Eden never went so far as to call Churchill "a liar, a cheat and a fraud", as Gordon Brown called Tony Blair, though some of the exchanges in the earlier case were pretty ill-tempered, and the wait was too long.Those who are unfamiliar with postwar British history should probably look to those two volumes first.
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She makes a great deal of the part played by Viscount Cranborne, or Lord Salisbury, as he became in 1947, who was one of the most active, if unsuccessful, conspirators trying to remove Churchill. The vast majority of the population did not wish to go back to the social and economic context of the Interbellum.Readers who know him only as the hero of 1940 will be surprised to find an all-too-human politician in these pages, a man who lived for power and was driven by a noble dream: the making of peace in a nuclear age. Conversation Analysis In 1930 he could say rightly that the Tories had never liked or trusted him, and it is easily forgotten that, like David Lloyd George before him, when he became prime minister he led no party.