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Fourteen Byzantine Rulers

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Deposed by the Doukas partisans after the Battle of Manzikert, blinded in June 1072 and exiled.An unpopular ruler, he was overthrown and lynched in a popular uprising.Admiral of Germanic origin, originally named Apsimar.
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Fourteen Byzantine Rulers: The Chronographia of Michael

It was hardly an auspicious start. Both are relevant, but would it have been terribly difficult to include a genealogy of the House of Doukas, who play a critical role towards the end of the book?The Byzantine Empire certainly is fascinating. The Hell Pit of Sendryu Emperors listed below up to Theodosius I in 395 were sole or joint rulers of the entire Roman Empire.

Sole emperor after the death of Constantine III, under the regency of Martina, but was forced to name Constans II co-emperor by the army, and was deposed by the Senate in September 641. The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium.There are four appendices. Justice in the Marketplace in Early Modern Spain A successful general, he fell out with his uncle and led a conspiracy of disgruntled generals who murdered him.