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Thunder, angry at this treatment, turns to face his father, asking what happened to him, reciting his own words when he said that he acts in the best interests of all of them.After Turtle Tail, Gray Wing, Gorse, Wind, and Rainswept Flower hunt, they meet a loner called River Ripple, who accepts their offer in sharing prey.Mistakes A compiled list of the errors present in Thunder Rising can be found here.
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They pull through, and manage to save the forest cats.Gray Wing inwardly begs for Turtle Tail not to cause a scene, for although Wind Runner is pushy, it seems as if she has something important to say. The authors of the series drew inspiration from several natural locations in the United Kingdom. Faszination Freiheit They escort Clear Sky and his cats to their camp, as long until the fire wears off.Gray Wing tries to rescue Owl Eyes, and finds that the only solution is to hide under a tunnel.

They spot Jagged Peak, also being pursued by the dog.After Turtle Tail is introduced to the new kits, she and Gray Wing talk, telling him about a new cat that joined her and Bumble in their Twoleg nest. Clear Sky even praises Thunder, saying that some cat taught him well. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World He gives thanks to the river, and meets a cat who comments on him being a water rat.She finds it necessary to tell Gray Wing that if she had kitted in the Twolegplace, then her kits would have been taken away from her as soon as they could live without her milk.