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The city is heavily crowded, poverty and richness juxtaposes every road that spirals into politically corrupt governing display of unreliable loyalties and prone to religious debates.It is perhaps my unorthodox approach to Suketu In the latter half of Maximum City, a man by the name of Babbanji is reported to have suggested naming this (then yet-to-be-written) book "Untold Life", saying that There is plenty of discussion about the lives of the rich, but nothing is spoken about the lives of the poor.It has close to 500 pages in the tiniest of the font, but how much research has gone into this brilliant book.
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Maximum City

Neither does it sound like clear intelligible English. Anyone who claims to love Bombay or calls themselves Bombayaite should read this one. What on Earth Happened? ...in Brief Soon Bombay (now renamed Mumbai) will have more people than all of Australia.He is extracting revenge for the riots.

What I felt was more emphasis is given on these matters rather than focusing on Bombay as a whole. Two more character studies - Girish, who becomes an assistant of sorts to the author while researching his book. The Iron Wall Small facts abound, from the patterns of the trains in the city to the ways to worship, to who to bribe to get your child into an appropriate school.Over decades the city has seen its share of political violence and inter-religion hatred, but its people have always made it through with smiling faces.

But on top of that, there was much more going on. Chapter "Distilleries of Pleasure" is waste of time when he writes making of mission kasmir. Planning in Reverse I guess for me this book is too big and in parts, it becomes boring, very boring.Suketu Mehta has a wonderful talent for downloading a tremendous amount of information while also writing utterly fascinating narratives about the various people and dynamics at work within the city.