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Postcoloniality, Globalization, and Diaspora

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Mauritius and Trinidad share a common history of African slavery and indentured labour.This paper seeks to examine the reasons for the retention of the JCPC by the majority of member states of Caricom and whether this may legitimately be viewed as one of the last vestiges of postcolonialism.
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Postcoloniality, globalization, and diaspora : what's next

Mukherjee, Bharati Jasmine Virago Press Ltd, London, 1990.For postcoloniality depended upon a stable geography of nations, each one harboring its people or better peoples with the asymmetry of the West and the rest defining a cartography of interaction and strife. With its recurrent themes of transnationalism, globalization, and postcoloniality, Orientations considers various embodiments of the Asian diaspora, including a rumination on minority discourses and performance studies, and a historical look at the journal Amerasia. Preußen Particularly powerful is the new final chapter, which draws on historical expertise to explore and explain the literary and political malaise of contemporary France.And as several of the authors assert, the establishment of such discursive centers is "at its core a metaphysical undertaking.