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Confronting the Classics

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But I simply cannot do that based on the reason that any author who thinks they ought to make a book consisting merely of their own book reviews, is missing the point of books in the first place.While this should have been made clearer on the covers, it also makes complete sense given the overall topic of the book.Having received it for my birthday, I began reading.
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Book Review: 'Confronting The Classics,' By Mary Beard : NPR

Taken from the Times literary Supplement, the London Review of Books and the New York Review of Books, slightly reworked,starting from the 1990s but mostly from this century.She brings back to life some of the greatest writers of antiquity - including Thucydides, Cicero and Tacitus - and takes a fresh look at both scholarly controversies and popular interpretations of the ancient world, from The Golden Bough to Asterix. The hermaphrodite springs a surprise. Der Palast der Meere / Waringham Saga Bd.5 A top-notch introduction to some fairly arcane material, accessible but not patronizing.