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It truly puts the reader in a reflective state.It is meant to be a season of charity and unity in the Kingdom of God observed after Pentecost and before Advent.Rye Curtis has written a splendid, funny, and insightful book, and created an exuberant affirmation of the soul--lost, found, or (like most of us) in some kind of transit.
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The two women have lead very different lives, however, they are similar in their determination and commitment to their goals. I cannot recommend it, in the traditional sense, as it is simply unconventional, and likely, not palatable for those who enjoy cookie cutter stories and logic.Perhaps even more amazing, she lives another 20 years to tell the heart-pounding tale of how she made it out of the woods. Vom Kontinent zur Union I might have gone on being that same Cloris Waldrip, the one I had been for seventy-two years, had I not fallen out of the sky in that little airplane on Sunday, August 31, 1986.

The other main characters are Ranger Lewis (another strong female character) and a young man hiding in the mountains from the FBI. Congratulations to him on this amazing novel!Cloris is recounting this tale of her odyssey and survival in the wild some twenty years later from her home in assisted living in Vermont. Das europäische Geschichtsbuch This is easily the most unknown or under-observed church season.