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They only whet my appetite for more.I like his fiction and his travel books.
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Reasons to holiday in the Deep South...When he tells you what a place looks, smells, sounds like, you can almost feel it yourself. Southern farmers are denied bank loans or discouraged from farming in the first place, black women are banned from joining University of Alabama sororities because the alumni networks are against it, and in many communities blacks and whites just do not mix. Frieden durch Kommunikation Regionalism and the South (UNC Press Books, 1982).

I hope that Theroux has the time and energy to travel in another section of the United States, as I got a feel for Americana through his social commentary.The Deep South is consistently thought to include most or all of the states shown in red and overlaps into portions of those in orange. Ever since I read ZAMM I have been looking for a book that updates the picture of small town America today, showing both the good and the bad. Der Fluch der Hebamme / Hebammen-Romane Bd.4 People in rural California also have guns.