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Patriot of Persia

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While many reformers wanted an end to the monarchy, he supported the Shah.The author sets the stage by describing Iran at the time.Not only that the US so called democracy is of leaders well and truly corrupt the notion of democracy there is a farce.
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Patriot of Persia - HarperCollins

"Patriot of Persia: Muhammad Mossadegh and a Tragic Anglo

Oh, and my mind wanders to name a parallel in American history.It had no railroad. WWI made it important to Great Britain which needed oil.De Bellaigue portrays the young Shah as a fearful, vacillating leader who frequently undercut his own supporters, thereby providing opportunities to opponents like Mossadegh. Mit den Narben der Apartheid It does allow for a balanced perspective that, had we abided over the last half century, both the United States and Iran might be better served.

De Bellaigue writes with humour and attention to revealing detail, painting a picture of Mossadegh as a man of principle, who acted out of patriotism and a sense of justice, but who rarely hesitated to take to his bed with a fit of the vapours if he thought it politically expedient, and who, by the end of his time in office, acted against his own democratic values.This book does a superb job of bringing the history of the man and his time in power into the light. The reason lies in a historical period imprinted on the minds of generations of Iranians but long forgotten in the UK.Schooled in Europe of the belle epoque, Mossadegh was pitted against dictatorship at home, a struggle that almost cost him his life and had tragic consequences for his family. Die Krise der Arbeit De Bellaigue paints a picture of Mossadegh as a tragic nationalist of utmost integrity, albeit one that is willing to court ambiguous sympathies for the communists and clerical class that the Pahlavis so disdained.