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Later Jerome would express his preference for adhering strictly to the Jewish canon, but his view held little currency even in his own day.Source: Public Domain One text is the Gospel of Thomas which is part of the newly discovered Nag Hammadi texts (discovered 1945-1947).The Sadducees rejected all scripture but the Torah and denied the resurrection as an innovation.
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Early Christianity (EC) 1868-7032 (1868-8020) - Mohr Siebeck

Split of early Christianity and Judaism - Infogalactic

In this brief excerpt we have preserved a magnificent description of Christian living in what was expected in the early church community. The Diversity of Early Christianity From the beginning, early Christians struggled to define for themselves the identity of Jesus and the meaning of his message. Heidehexen In unserem Forschungsbereich spielen theologische Fragestellungen unterschiedlicher konfessioneller Traditionen stets eine wichtige Rolle.