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I enjoyed her descriptions of local life, culture shock experiences, and often, but not always, her introspection on socialism, culture, and tourism.It was published in 2004, about experiences in the late 90s and early 2000s.
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She was inspired to these things when she heard a talk by a journalist describing what she perceived as a pretty exciting life.I zipped through this book very fast. I thought I knew a lot about Italy but my idea of an pizza was even different than theirs! Modern Israeli Tanks and Infantry Carriers 1985-2004 Arriving in Mosco At a lecture by a international CNN journalist, Stephanie asks how to get a job like his.

But before you write her off as US bashing, understand that she is open-minded, sees the good and the bad in different countries and write most positively of the people she meets.It is so easy to be horrified by "the other". This causes her great remorse. Herzlich willkommen im Universum There were a few interesting dribs and drabs.