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Reagan at Reykjavik

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There, in such a weird setting, the two most powerful men on earth experience the most amazing things imaginable.Still well worth reading.Assuming most of it is a reasonably accurate portrayal of what took place, it represented to me an incredibly scary exhibit of what I had expected to be a sane, planned, thoughtful process discussing critical issues between the two major powers of the time.
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The Reykjavik Summit: The Story — The Reagan Vision

Gipfeltreffen in Reykjavík - Wikipedia

But in those first hours after it ended, Reagan seemed to have let slip from his grasp a chance to end the nuclear arms race. Reagan refused, and they had no deal. The Commander I su I thoroughly enjoyed this book which was something of a surprise.

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency at the time of the Reykjavik Summit, so he observed and participated in the events of which he writes. But wait, it was a historic event witnessed by the author. Der Teufel von Eguisheim / Kreydenweiss & Bato Bd.2 Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, 1994.