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The Bridge at Dong Ha

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Marines remaining in the country.Ripley, Marine Who Halted Vietnamese Attack, Dies At 69", New York Times, November 4, 2008, p.The book is an excellent narration of the events of how a single man, with his tremendous courage and dedication towards his nation destroyed the bridge and stopped the aggression of the enemy force comprising of 30,000 soldiers and 200 tanks.
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The bridge at Dong Ha (eBook, 1996) [WorldCat.org]

The Bridge at Dong Ha by John Grider Miller

This book is a real story of a Marine corps hero, John Walter Ripley, who on easter sunday 1972, almost single handedly took on a massive concrete and steel bridge to derail the carefully prepared spearhead attack of the north vietnamese army at the Cua Viet river near Dong Ha. The emotional side of Captain Ripley has also been nicely described by the author in the book.He was the first Marine officer to be inducted in the U. The Widow Killer In November 1965, some 450 men of the First Battalion, Seventh Cavalry, under the command of Lt.These moments in the book made me realized that Ripley is the example of what General Mattis describe Marines as: No better a friend, no worst an enemy.

In the United States Marine Corps, the most dangerous job in combat is that of the sniper. By his heroic actions and extraordinary courage, Captain Ripley undoubtedly was instrumental in saving an untold number of lives.The scores should be of either type float or double. Kein Wort zu Papa It seemed that the author really understands the pulse of the readers.Five years earlier, there were 50,000 Marines to protect against the North Vietnamese.